Horse carriage ride at Roseg Valley, Switzerland


I rode horses once when I was a teenager.  It was a guided tour with a riding instructor at the forested trails in Maple Ridge, Vancouver BC.  The horse riding experience was pleasant.  However, back then, I might not be admiring the nature as much.

Today, we got a chance to ride into the valley of the Swiss Alps, Roseg Valley.  Hopping onto the carriage, with a capacity of 10 passengers, my sister and I chose a backward seat so that my parents and our nice new friends met from the Swiss tour could enjoy a front facing view.  It was actually an advantage for me as well, because I was trying to get less suntanned – the anxiety of having a strapless wedding gown and my wedding was in three months.




The passing scenic was absolutely stunning.  The horses strolled slowly; there was plenty of time to enjoy this amazing view.  Once again, I was astonished by the beauty of Switzerland.  Undeniably, my mom made the perfect choice choosing this place for the family trip.  I literally took back what I had said before about the France tour.

Moving further into the Valley, the Roseg Glacier was right in front of us.  It was massive, but it was not as big as what we had seen a few days ago at Riederalp.  This glacier in the upper valley gave a nice nature backdrop to the lower valley.  In brief, the sky clouded over the glacier.  It was like seeing two different kinds of atmosphere under one big sky.

IMG_2186 copy


Arriving in the middle of the Roseg Valley, there’s the nice peachy building stood out in the forest.  it was Roseg Gletscher Hotel Restaurant, where we’d be enjoying a very Swiss style lunch, with a very iconic Swiss flag as dessert.

Before the clouds really took up the sky over the glacier, I quickly took a few photos.  I always prefer my photos with natural sunlight.  Walking closer to the water stream, (that’s the river came from the glacier), I stood in the middle of the huge valley.  My photos alone cannot justify the magnitude of the spaciousness.  I once again felt so tiny and miniature in the power of nature.  The wonder of nature, it brings out the peacefulness within us.






I found these beautiful plants near the back doors of the hotel restaurant.  White flowers against the peachy wall were a good match of summery colors.  I, myself am a big fan of bold colors.  One interesting fact about color is that it brings relief to human vision.  That’s the reason why we are attracted to flowers or painted objects.  I was lucky to be able to stare at artistic paintings all the time in my old gallery.  Certainly my mood was always elevated because of the artworks.  Color on the canvases resonate with our emotion and feeling.  Color is full of liveness.




Climbing back onto the carriage, it was time to leave this idyllic Swiss Valley.  It was a very comfortable ride, with the warm afternoon sun and cool breeze, I must have been so relaxed that I fell asleep in the middle of the journey.  Back to the city station, we hopped onto the coach bus.  Feeling energetic after the short nap, I was looking forward to our next destination in the east, the popular St. Moritz.

Previous stop on this Swiss trip: Glacier Express journey in Switzerland



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